What kind of explanation method is two-dimensional code audio guide?

 News     |     July 25, 2023
        When scenic spots provide tourists with a variety of audio explanation modes, two-dimensional code audio guide can also be used as an option, because two-dimensional code audio guide do not require tourists to follow the guide to listen to the explanations, nor do tourists need to rent any guide equipment to obtain the explanations. The two-dimensional code audio guide is that tourists use the scanning function of their mobile phones to scan the two-dimensional codes installed in each scenic spot in the scenic spot, and then they can get the audio explanation of the corresponding scenic spot. The two-dimensional code audio guide is simpler and more convenient for tourists, because there is no need to use the guide equipment for renting scenic spots, nor to choose to follow the tour guide. Just use your mobile phone to scan and recognize the QR code function, and you can easily understand the attractions and play the audio explanations of the attractions. After all, in the current era, mobile phones have become an indispensable electronic device for people, and the emergence of two-dimensional code audio guide simplifies people's travel and visits to scenic spots.
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two-dimensional code audio guide
        The two-dimensional code audio guide needs to be produced and corresponding to the corresponding audio file, so this needs to be done by more professional personnel. Yingmi is one of the manufacturers that provide two-dimensional code audio guide production on the market. Yingmi is a brand that focuses on voice explanations. It not only has its own R&D and production factory, but also has been in the explanation industry for a long time, so its technology or services are relatively mature and comprehensive. When customers purchase, they will learn about the subsequent use from the early stage, and there will be professional one-to-one docking services, so that customers can reply in time when they need it. Choosing the two-dimensional code audio guide of the Yingmi brand, not only does not have to worry about the effect of the explanation, but also the interface and design of the display and explanation can be strengthened and beautified according to the customer's requirements, and the voice explanation is also clear.
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