The one-to-many explanation of the museum audio guide system is more worry-free.

 News     |     March 20, 2023
         The museum audio guide system supports one-to-many explanation mode, which can make the explanation of the instructor easier, and does not require the instructor to speak with such a loud volume, because the museum audio guide system can transmit audio to the audience through transmission technology In the ears of the speaker, the explainer wears a transmitter to speak, and the audience wears a receiver to listen. The museum audio guide system consists of a transmitter, a receiver, a charging box, and generally corresponding accessories, such as a head-mounted microphone. The charging box of the museum audio guide system can accommodate multiple devices for charging at one time, so that it does not need to operate one by one like the traditional charging method. After the charging is completed, it can also be used for storage, which is convenient for the storage of the devices after use. So the emergence of the museum audio guide system facilitates the work of the instructor.
audio guide system
audio guide system
        There are also customers who don't know how to choose a suitable museum audio guide system? With the popularization of science and technology and people's use of intelligent equipment, museum audio guide system have also been adopted by many museums. As long as we know our needs and functions, we can choose a suitable museum audio guide system. There will be different types of equipment according to the area of the museum used, because different types of museum audio guide system will have different signal ranges, and visitors can receive the explanation content as long as they walk around within the range. There are also sound quality effects and clarity, which are also more important for the sound effect of the reception explanation, and the anti-interference of the equipment is also within the scope of consideration when choosing a museum audio guide system. If you don’t know how to choose a museum audio guide system, you can contact our online customer service, and professionals will give you a solution, so that customers have no worries.
audio guide sytem