What are the features of the audio guide?

 News     |     January 18, 2022
    Features of audio guide:
1, Innovative use of reliable zero delay radio receiving front-end, combined with digital audio processing back-end technology, with long diffraction distance and clear digital sound quality, multiple channel Settings, can meet the needs of different size teams.
2, The transmitter uses a professional cannon head, which is more reliable and durable than the 3.5 audio plug. The healthy transmitting power of 10 milliwatts is far less than the 100 milliwatts on the market.
3, Receiver exclusive private mold, external no antenna, simple and beautiful, more convenient collection.
audio guide
audio guide
4, Comfortable to wear, the standard 3.5mm straight and bent plug earphone is a performance of individuality and the first choice of high-end quality. The earphone bracket is flexible, which can be adjusted freely according to the ear. The all-round intimate design brings users a comfortable feeling. The round shell has a smooth surface, and the surface of the earphone hanger is made of matte material.
5, LCD display channel and battery weak current display, grouping intuitive and convenient, memory the last channel.
6, Professional voice compressor and expander circuit, effective processing of environmental noise, most similar products in the market without compressor and expander circuit, directly amplify the environmental noise into the headset.
7, Directly print the user LOGO on the receiver or transmitter to improve the user image.
8, The collection box contains EVA shockproof cotton, independent slot, anti-seismic and moisture-proof, easy storage and access.
audio guide