Electronic tour guide is a non-on-call centralized loop broadcast mode.

 News     |     December 21, 2021
     Now many pavilions and scenic spots have introduced electronic tour guides to improve the service level with scientific and technological means. What is electronic tour guide? Electronic Tour Guide refers to the use of Electronic technology, signal processing technology produced by a variety of Guide to explain equipment, generally known as ATG(Audio Tour Guide) or ETG(Electronic Tourist Guide). Due to the limited number of interpreters in scenic spots and museums, it is difficult to meet the needs of each audience to explain. The best way to solve this kind of problem is to introduce electronic tour guide, which can not only provide "one to one" explanation service for the masses visiting alone, but also effectively reduce the phenomenon of mutual interference of exhibition hall explanation. 
electronic tour guides
electronic tour guides 
  Electronic guide adopts RFID modulation technology, strong anti-interference ability, stronger ability to receive signals, to achieve intelligent voice explanation function, the appearance of the equipment is simple and generous, convenient and fashionable. The electronic tour guide breaks the traditional tour guide explanation mode and allows tourists to wander freely around scenic spots and see exhibits. It not only liberates visitors' hands, but also effectively simplifies the users' work of winding lines and arranging disorderly equipment during equipment recycling.The electronic tour guide can automatically determine the content of the explanation according to the location of the tourists regardless of their arrival time and language choice. Visitors choose their own language.