CCTV advertisement has been broadcast!!

 News     |     March 01, 2018


   CCTV is one of the most authoritative and credible news platforms in China, and "Huomaitian Guidance" has finally come to the fore by fierce competition over thousands of brands. Advertising in CCTV, which not only proved the strength of Hui Ma Yin Te, reflects the brand strength of the tour guide machine, but also because of "Guomao Mu Te guide" as a growing brand of excellence already have a certain Word of mouth and has been recognized by many users. Hefei special audio-guided Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to creating high-quality brand electronic guide voice navigation and customer first, service-oriented, contributing to a Chinese tourist attractions! I poly variety of products, including automatic sensing voice guided machine and the team voice navigation machine

The advertising of Hui Ma Yin Tee will cover the high-end brand image of "professional and reliable". Emblem Maomao Guidance advertising landing on February 27, 2017 CCTV-7, Monday to Sunday for seven consecutive days, the brand show, before and after the Lantern Festival prime time hit! Auto-sensing voice navigation machine with a common ear hanging Automatic voice guidance device and chest hanging automatic sensor voice navigation machine, the transmitter automatically through the RF signal sensing, you can broadcast electronic guides inside the voice content, allowing visitors to experience the quality of voice navigation machine! Team e-Tour guides for tour guides, leaders visit the use of team voice tour machine
Voice navigation machine as the flagship product of the enterprise to become a representative of the integrity of the brand. Founded 12 years ago, the service had thousands of customers in the country has been recognized by the vast number of consumers,

CCTV harsh qualification through the inspection and certification, consumer confidence in the brand and emotion, for more and more people to bring better custom service!
Hui Ma Yin special guided by virtue of professional services, high-quality products, innovative service concept to the customer, the success of the client's wealth dream. We are convinced that with the help of CCTV platform, the tour guide Hui Ma has been upgraded by the e-commerce brand to the consumer brand! Welcome to HeFei special e-tour guide manufacturers for electronic tour guide experience. Auto-sensing voice navigation machine and team voice navigation machine can also lease! Welcome to visit our company! If you still want to know more product information, please call the toll-free hotline