Bluetooth Tour Guide System

 News     |     May 13, 2019
 Tourism experience: tourism should be a journey full of novelty. Electronic tour guides explain according to preset contents, and human-computer interaction experience is much worse than the following explanation of traditional tour guides.Lack of interaction, just blindly take the mobile phone everywhere, the travel experience is discounted.
In terms of function: the guide machine can also achieve the function of "guide" and "lead the way", the tour guide is more efficient, mandarin is more standard.But the traditional human tour guide is more full of tension, can express the history and culture behind the scenic spot, local customs and so on.Traditional tour guide personalized, refined, private custom is difficult to reach the mobile phone.
Guide machine is prone to interference: as we all know, many natural scenic spots are located at high altitude, mountainous areas and other remote areas, weak mobile phone signal, guide machine is difficult to achieve its own function.In some popular scenic spots, the noise generated by the hustle and bustle of people cannot make mobile phones more recognized by more people.

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