Audio Tour Guide System Digital

 News     |     March 22, 2019
Audio Tour Guide System Digital
CCTV is one of the most authoritative and credible news platforms in China, and "Huomaitian Guidance" has finally come to the fore by fierce competition over thousands of brands. Advertising in CCTV, which not only proved the strength of Hui Ma Yin Te, reflects the brand strength of the tour guide machine, but also because of "Guomao Mu Te guide" as a growing brand of excellence already have a certain Word of mouth and has been recognized by many users. Hefei special audio-guided Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to creating high-quality brand electronic guide voice navigation and customer first, service-oriented, contributing to a Chinese tourist attractions! I poly variety of products, including automatic sensing voice guided machine and the team voice navigation machine

Hefei Humantek Co.,Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of audio tour guide system digital in China, established in 2007. 

Our products can be widely used in Scenic spot, museums,  companies , factories, government agencies and technology center. The audio tour guide system passed ISO9001:2000 ,CE and Rohs .

The speaker can speak by transmitter , the visitor can listen can receiver.  It providing high-quality tour services, it overcomes the noise pollution and confusion caused by the previous use of loudspeakers and visits a clear, quiet and comfortable environment.

Yingmi audio tour guide system digital , Make The Audio More Wonderful. Welcome to visit our company.